All About You Therapeutic Massage #E3175 - About - Monroe, LA
All About You Therapeutic Massage  #E3175 - Owner/Operator Lisa Joslin-Blocker LA.Lic#4460  SC.Lic#4484

At All About You.....
 A space has been created for you to
stop in and take a moment to
relax, unwind and rejuvenate.......
The therapy rooms are dimly lit, with
Himalayan salt lamps, firelight, chimes,
water fountains, aromatherapy, and spa music.
The massage tables are heated

The massage style practiced,
is a fluid, intuitive, integrated massage.
Traditional Swedish, Swedish Sport, 
Deep tissue, Neuromuscular, Acupressure, 
Triggerpoint therapy & Joint Bodywork,
massage techniques are integrated with the fundamental flow pattern
of the Kriya massage.

The Kriya massage foundation is a pattern
of continual circular and figure 8 movements
 that not only connect the massage techniques into a fluid flow, but stimulates the circulatory system of lymph and blood flow while relaxing the nervous system.
To deepen the relaxation effect,
heated stones are incorporated into every massage.

The result is a therapeutic massage
that is deeply relaxing!

After a brief interview, your bodywork session will be patterned according to your bodywork needs.
Your bodywork experience will be
All About You.....

You can call or text
to schedule your appointment
or to buy a gift certificate....

By Appointment only....
Bodywork sessions begin at ~ 8:00
and the last session is scheduled at ~ 5:15/5:30
Monday thru Friday
 Some Saturdays ~ By appointment 

Located at ~ 2118 Justice St.
Monroe, La. 71201

About the Therapists....
Lisa Joslin-Blocker
La. #4460 and Sc. #4484

Lisa is the owner/operator 
of All About You. 
She has been a licensed
massage therapist since 2005.
She graduated from the
Dovestar Institute
of Holistic Technology
located on Hilton Head Island
 in South Carolina.

Her studies include:
 Kriya Massage
Kriya Neuromuscular,
Kriya Joint Bodywork,
Swedish & Swedish Sport,
Deep tissue, Acupressure, 
Trigger Point therapy, 
Shiatsu & Thai Stretch
Detox Hydrotherapy,
Hot and cold stone therapy,
Bellanina facial massage and
Alchemia Bodywork.

 She views bodywork as an artform and she approaches her bodywork from a holistic foundation. She creates a pattern of wellness for each client based on their individual bodywork needs. She is passionate about bodywork, and actively continues her bodywork education.
She likes to share her bodywork experience with her peers and has  created a series of 
Continuing Education classes for massage therapists:
The Missing Link
& Bridging the Gap.  


Julianne Whitney
La. #4091

 Julianne has been a licensed massage therapist for 23 years and a licensed CNA for 28 years.
She graduated from the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts located in Tucson, AZ.

Through her travels and studies, she brings to her practice a wide range of both Eastern and Western massage techniques
and modalities which include:
Swedish, Acupressure, Triggerpoint therapy, Structural Pattern Awareness, Myofascial release, Sports and Shiatsu style Stretching, Hydrotherapy
and Hot Stones.
She approaches her bodywork
from a holistic foundation of interconnectedness and client centered therapies, which is the core of All About You Bodywork.
Each of her massage treatments will be designed specifically for the needs of each client.

It has been and continues to be her passion to provide therapeutic massage and support services for all walks of life and in all of life's stages and dedicates her work to the Sacred within all of us.